Wednesday, May 18, 2016


If you've ever wondered which Blake Necklace works for your height read below...

At Lana Jewelry, we bow down to the Blake Necklace. We love it so much that we designed it 3 sizes: Petite, Mega & that's true Lana love. Have you ever wondered which Blake Necklace best suits your frame? In this post, we show the most popular Blake styles on three Lana Girls who stand at 5'2", 5'6" and 6'0". 

Sara (grey top) size 2-4, 5'6"
Amanda (blush top) size 0, 5'2"
Fallon (black top) size 6-8, 6'0"

xx,  The Lana Girl 

Sara: "I love this fit. The Blake Necklace hangs in all the right places on me. I can still layer in a small charm or wear it solo."
Sara: "The Petite Blake Necklace is so delicate and lays just right on my chest. I like this for a more subtle yet streamlined look."
Sara: "The Mega Blake hangs low enough on my chest that I can layer it with my favorite Lana charms and pendants. It's a heavier chain but still feels light on the body." 
Amanda: "The necklace hangs below my chest which makes this a great choice for bare skin, or over a high-neck shirt. I would suggest adding jump rings to shorten if desired."
Amanda: "I'm wearing The Petite Blake Necklace with a 1" jump ring to shorten the necklace. I like the option of wearing it around my collar like this, or having it hanging longer at full length. It fits me perfectly."
Amanda: "The Mega Blake Necklace hangs long on me (past my chest) and definitely makes a statement. It's great for layering, or wearing solo for a casual look. I suggest adding jump rings to shorten the necklace, but I also enjoy this long statement."
Fallon: "The Blake Necklace is the perfect length for me. It doesn't interfere with V-necklines and fills my chest area perfectly. It makes a statement that's subtle but striking."
Fallon: "I love the delicacy of the Petite Blake, but I prefer a Blake or Mega Blake on my body. If I chose the Petite, I would definitely add length to the necklace."
Fallon: "I thought the Blake Necklace was my favorite, but the Mega is perfect on me! I feel so comfortable in this style because it fills my chest and hangs where it's supposed to. This would be my everyday piece while still having the option to layer."


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