Monday, April 4, 2016


Details on the trend below...

Lana introduces several new bangle styles with the launch of the Spring 2016 collection, Nude.

We believe that when it comes to wearing bangles there are no rules. The sexy trend is all about mixing colors, bracelet band size, and layering diamonds with gold. Personalize your bangle collection and when you think you’re finished stacking, add just one more.

Shop the diamond Expose Bangles (featured above) in S and L. An all-gold-no-diamonds version is also available online in SM and L. All styles are available with an option of rose, yellow, or white gold. Worried about the fit? No problem. The Lana Team takes orders in custom bangle sizes. Contact goldstylist@lanaunlimited for orders.
xo, The Lana Girl 

Rose and yellow gold bangles featured on the Lana Jewelry Instagram
Model Natalia Borges stuns in the SS16 Nude Collection
Vanity and Expose Bangles for Spring 2016


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